Travel Nursing 101

Welcome to the web's most complete guide to Travel Nursing Career Information. If you’ve been considering travel nursing but are just a bit apprehensive about taking the big step – RELAX! You’ve found the perfect spot to explore this fascinating nursing career option.

If you've been contemplating becoming a Traveler, you are in for a treat! Travel Nursing is an exciting, rewarding, (and dare I say adventurous) step in your professional nursing career.

If you’re a seasoned travel nurse pro, you just might pick up on a pointer or two. You’ll find tips from fellow travelers that will make traveling more organized and enjoyable.

Why Travel Nursing?

Are you tired of hospital politics? Feeling in a rut with your career? Would you like to earn more money? (A lot more!) Travel Nursing just may be the ‘career cure’ you need.

Come with me and we’ll take a closer look to see if you have the ‘moxie’ to be a traveler. (It’s not for everyone). We’ll examine the good and not-so-good aspects of a travel nurse career.

We’ll sort through, select, and get you prepared to talk with Travel Nurse Agencies so you can find those Travel Dream Assignments to exciting locations you’ve always wanted visit!

=============Nurses’ Lounge================

Welcome! I’m Mark, your Nurses’ Lounge host. From here I’ll be sharing career tips, pointers, comments, and suggestions as you explore your opportunities in Travel Nursing.

As you peruse these pages, be sure to stop in the lounge and say “hi”. You’re always welcome!

So get comfortable, pour yourself your favorite beverage; you’re off on your first travel assignment – exploring your career options in Travel Nursing!

Travel Nurse Careers - A Primer -
Considering a Travel Nurse Career? Read all about it!
Travel Nurse Benefits
There are numerous financial benefits to being a travel nurse. Great pay, health insurance and generous bonus programs to name a few.
Travel Nurse Opportunity Self Assessment
A self assessment is vital to clarifying your travel nurse goals
Travel Nurse Job Application Prep
Getting a jump on the travel nurse application can mean the difference in landing your dream job or losing it to a more prepared traveler.
Selecting the Right Travel Nurse Agency
Factors to consider when choosing a Travel Nurse Company
Travel Nurse Recruiter
Travel Nurse Recruiter<br>-Your Career Counselor
A Request from Yours Truly
A request when choosing a Travel Nurse Company
Travel Nurse Agency Criteria
Criteria for choosing the right Travel Nurse Agency
Permanent Nursing Opportunities
For RNs looking for a permanent nursing opportunity
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