A Request from Yours Truly

Hi, Mark here. Thanks for visiting GoTravelNursing.com.

I hope you’re finding this site useful as you consider entering the world of Travel Nursing. Since there are many, many travel agencies providing services today, it may take you a considerable amount of time just narrowing down the list to those who have the assignments you’re looking for.

It is the goal of GoTravelNursing.com to assist you in educating and preparing you for your upcoming travel nurse assignment -- to make it as simple and “painless” as possible.

With that in mind, if you will allow me, I’ll do the “grunt” work for you

Okay, here's the request

If you find this information on GoTravelNursing.com helpful, I’d like to ask a large favor. As mentioned on the Pay & Benefits page, travel companies often offer a referral bonus. It’s important for you to know that if you allow me to assist in your travel nurse career AND if you decide to accept an assignment, yours truly will receive a referral bonus upon successful completion of your travel assignment. (That’s not the “favor” part, that’s coming, but I’ve been upfront with you from the beginning and you may want to know my motivation behind this!)

Naturally, you can always do the research yourself and fill out the same information request forms at each of the individual agency’s web sites. You’ll get the same response either way.
(And I’ll eventually get over the heartbreak!)

Unfortunately, the travel agency won’t provide you a referral bonus for referring yourself. (Hey, it was worth a try, right?)

And now for the “favor”

If you will allow me the honor of sharing your contact and assignment request information with the appropriate agencies, I will make you one promise. When your agency sends the referral bonus, a donation of ten percent will be made to the Make-A-Wish Foundation in your honor. (10% before taxes just in case you were wondering. Hey, I’m not going to cheat the kids!)

I’m completely blown away at this awesome group and how deeply they touch the lives of children with life-threatening conditions. If you’re not familiar with Make-A-Wish, please visit their web site for more details of their mission and the incredible service they provide to these precious children. Just click on their logo below.

If you have another registered charitable cause you would prefer to have your donation made, simply let me know and 10% of the referral amount will be given in your honor.

I don’t want you to think it’s just about me. We can do a lot of good here!

Thank you and all the best in your new career!

God Bless,


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