Taking stock of what you want out of Travel Nursing

I know you’re biting at the bit to get to the travel agencies, but it’s vital that we clarify your specific goals in obtaining the best travel opportunity.

By first performing a self-assessment and establishing your priorities, you can speak candidly with prospective recruiters and describe your personal and professional objectives. Working together, you can make an informed decision, selecting a company and contract facility that matches your values and goals.

This little advance planning will keep you focused on what’s most important to you and help select the proper travel company.

  • Question Number One: Why am I considering a traveling career in the first place?

  • Question Two: Do I have the personality to go along with the traveling lifestyle?

  • Question Three: When can I start? Within a month or sooner?

  • Question Four: Where do I want to go – and why?

  • Question Five: Is my Paperwork ready to travel? (More on this in a moment)

Although a traveler's expectations and goals are likely to change over time, the desire for high compensation, at least as compared to permanent positions, is a constant among the vast majority of travelers. Surveys have confirmed that the majority of former, current, and prospective travelers (almost 69 percent) – state that salary was the most important consideration when selecting or thinking about selecting a travel opportunity.

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It’s okay to have a high compensation request, a.k.a. MONEY, as choice Numero Uno. Most do.

Travelers new to the lifestyle are enamored by the adventure and the thrill of visiting different regions of the country. Exploring new cultures; seeing new sights; in short - experiencing America! Having the freedom to choose when and where you go may well be your biggest selection criteria.

Most seasoned travel professionals who have satisfied their wanderlust to a certain extent will now list housing, health insurance, and other benefits as top priorities.

If you’ve just undergone a major life-changing event such as a divorce or retirement, perhaps what you are looking for is a fresh start somewhere new. Wow, travel nursing is a great vehicle to grant your wishes!

Bottom line, what’s important to you? By clarifying your goals and objectives before you speak to a recruiter provides you a roadmap to focus your interview on reaching your individual desires.

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It’s really important to clarify your reasons for traveling. It will keep you focused when selecting the appropriate travel agency and when enlisting the counsel of your personal recruiter. (More on that in a bit.) For now, let’s get the documentation started. It’s time to line up your ducks!

Let’s begin putting things in order so you can capitalize on that ‘hot job’ posting. We'll examine those steps at:

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