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A special “THANK YOU” to Ana C. for cluing me in on a typo she found. (That’s what I get for trying to class-up the joint with a little French!)

So to Ana -- Voila!

And now I’m opening the doors to all the grammar police posing as nurses. Feel free to let me have it with any more boo-boos you may find.

Go ahead. I can take it. (I hope!)

Thanks again Ana. Merci!


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Hey Mark!

Okay, Okay – I’ve been gone a very long time from this blog! Many apologies. So many commitments.

Hopefully you are considering a travel assignment. By now we’ve had LOTS of nurses accept – and complete – assignments!

And many kind words shared as to the value they have found in these words on Thank You!

I received an email yesterday inquiring if the donation could be to the Humane Society as she is an avid animal lover.

The answer – YES, of Course!

Wherever you would like the donation to go. As long as it’s a registered charity. (And I appreciate the thought, but yours truly is NOT a registered charity!)

Anyway, if you’ve been toying with the idea that you’d like to travel – go ahead and fill out the request form. There is no obligation or commitment. All that is truly needed is an open and mind and an adventurous spirit.

I’ll try to stay a little more current with my blog entries. I am still alive and well and working on a new site for Physicians – at:

Synergy Recruiting

If you know of any doctors who are looking for a new practice opportunity – kindly send them my way. Thanks in advance!

That’s it for now – Peace Out!


Hey Mark!

Some Rules of the Road for our beloved “Newbies”.

I’ve heard from many new nurses inquiring about Travel Nurse Opportunities. I love your enthusiasm. Excellent idea. But not just yet.

I’d venture to say EVERY Travel Agency requires at least one solid year of current experience in your specialty before they’ll even consider you for an assignment. Some insist on two years.

Why? For your safety. For their liability. For your peace of mind.

When you’re on assignment, you are the hired expert. When you hit the floor on your first day (after orientation), you are expected to be able to do the job for which you’ve been contracted to accomplish. After all, the facility is paying mongo bucks for you to be there! (And that big paycheck is one of the reasons why you’re considering traveling – right?)

What I’m trying to say, get a good solid year under your belt and THEN let’s get you on the Travel Circuit.

And I’ll help.

You’ll have confidence in your ability and you’ll enjoy your travel experience so much more.

So for now, do some PRN work. Float to other units for experience. And learn, baby learn!!

See you next year!


If you have any comments, suggestions, or what to say “hi”, just send me an email by clicking on the “Hey Mark” link below. Thanks.

Hey Mark!

Okay, yours truly took a little vacation and has been away for a bit. But now I’m baaacckk!

I’ve had several requests for Overseas Assignments. This is taking a tad more research so I apologize to those who have inquired about Travel Jobs Across the Pond. I’m working on it!

I’ve also heard from several LPNs/LVNs. Man, this is a toughie! These opportunities are very hard to come by – but I’m still searching for you. Please bear with me.

And to those who’ve inquired about Permanent RN Opportunities: I’ve made arrangements with a large placement agency that has RN positions all over the country. Good things in store with these folks. (Ruth, Happy Birthday! You’re in very good hands and hopefully be returning to “Bama” real soon!)

Anyway, I’m still alive and kicking. Keep those Travel and Permanent job requests coming in. I’d love to hear from you!



Hey Mark!

A short time ago, Heather C completed the Travel Nurse Info Request Form. At the bottom she included the following:

"Just an added son passed away about 10 years ago and Make A Wish Foundation was very good to us. I have been praying about a way to give back to them...mmmm maybe this is the way. Thank you"

No, Thank You Heather.

For those who would like to know more about this wonderful organization who touches so many lives, please visit their website at: Make A Wish Foundation

God Bless you and yours Heather.

Hey Mark!

Boy Howdy.

I just spent the last half hour on "hold" with three biggies of the travel nursing world. (Better me than you, hey?) All I was trying to do was collect some simple travel assignment information for a nurse and I NEVER DID get to talk with a human!

This type of services is why was born. You don't have time for this (not that I relish listening to recorded messages - over and over and over.....) but your old faithful sidekick Mark, will endure the tantalizing sounds of Muzak so you don't have to. It's what friends do.

But the 'hold' thing concerns me though. What if YOU were out on the road and needed immediate help? You deserve better customer care from your travel company. Needless to say, there are now three travel nurse agencies who will not make it to the preferred list.

Hasta La Pasta Baby!

Share a smile!

Hey Mark!

A quick update from the previous post. I mentioned some feedback I received from Ruth C. My buddy Ruth has been a Travel Nurse for quite some time. She suggested a few more questions to pose to your Travel Agency Housing Coordinator, which are now included for your reading pleasure.

Ruth is leading the life perhaps many of you dream of. She and her husband live in a luxurious Fifth Wheel. (That’s one of those ultra nice travel trailers with ALL the amenities – and then some. Not what you’d call "roughing it" by any stretch!)

They travel from assignment to assignment and keep all the money allotted for housing. This more than makes the payment on their mobile Taj Mahal, with plenty left over. (Ruth is sooo smart!)

They “pitch their tent” at nice campgrounds and have met some very interesting people. Ruth and her husband are making many great memories as they traverse the country.

Sounds like fun!


If you have any comments, suggestions, or what to say “hi”, just send me an email by clicking on the “Hey Mark” link below. Thanks.

Hey Mark!

Greetings Future Travelers,

I decided to add a little personal touch to The purpose of this “blog” is to share ideas, comments and suggestions relating to Travel Nursing. I’ve received several emails with some excellent site submission ideas and they have been incorporated.
Thank You RUTH C.! (Ruth is a true Road Warrior, and her input is greatly appreciated!)

I’ve also received a few questions relating to what it takes to be a Travel Nurse, so I’ll be adding a FAQ very page soon.

Freedom – You Gotta Love It! Happy Fourth of July America!

And FREEDOM is why many nurses are looking to Travel Nursing. Declare your own personal Independence Day!


If you have any comments, suggestions, or what to say “hi”, just send me an email by clicking on the “Hey Mark” link below. Thanks.

Hey Mark!