Travel Nurse Recruiter
-Your Career Counselor

Once you’ve completed the patent-pending, labor saving, ‘Mother-of-All-Travel Agencies Information Request Form’; you can anticipate a call from the Travel Nursing Agencies who specializes in your discipline and location preference.

You first point of contact with the Travel Nurse Company is with “The Recruiter”. Future Travel Nurse, you’re in for a treat! This professional career counselor may well turn out to be your best friend, confidant, and the hardest working individual you ever brought onto your team.

(Besides ‘yours truly’ of course!)

When you speak to the travel nurse recruiter, now is the time to refer to your “What I Want out of Travel Nursing” factors you compiled a few web pages ago. It’s vital to voice your goals and objectives with the recruiter. (She’s good -- but not a mind reader!)

Good recruiters recognize that your personal objectives are not always work-related. They should inquire about what you like to do on the weekends, what sort of activities you enjoy, and how important it is to have ready-access to your hobbies, interests, or sport-of-choice.

You'll be able to tell if a recruiter is really interested in finding you the right assignment by the questions she poses.
(Note: The recruiter may be a ‘fella’ but I’m using the female vernacular because:
1. My wife taught me that Women RULE!
2. It makes it easier and more personable.
Now back to your regularly scheduled program already in progress...)

If she’s only discussing the contract facility, is she really “listening” to you? If you feel your interests are not being heard – it’s time to move on.


Ask as many questions as you need to understand the details of the assignment, feel at ease with the arrangements, and be certain that you’ll be able to see and do and the things you want. (The joy of traveling is exploring and experiencing new horizons. Otherwise, just stay home!)

Travel Recruiters offer vast expertise and can raise issues you might not have considered. Recruiters are true career counselors and their advice can be golden.

Travel Recruiters know the specific concerns that should be addressed before you can make a final decision. What if you aren't asking the right questions?   Fear not!   These Travel Agency Reps/Recruiters/Career Counselors will guide you through the process.

It’s what they do!

There is a special bond that develops between recruiter and traveler. Ask anyone in the business and you'll discover the link is more than just a working relationship. Like fast friends, travelers rely on their recruiters to lend a helping hand, give needed advice, and be there when circumstances demand.

Your recruiter will most likely totally influence your decision in selecting a travel company. And they should! You’re really “buying” the recruiter more than any other factor. This pro is your “go-to” person in all matters related to travel nursing and truly IS the Travel Nurse Agency in your eyes.

==================Nurses’ Lounge==========================

Naturally, a particular agency still has to have the right assignment in your preferred location, but it’s your ‘gut feeling’, the connection you have with the recruiter, that will greatly influence your selection of one travel nurse agency over another.

Besides assisting with issues that involve policies, licensure, housing and a host of other things, your recruiter also negotiates your contract with the hospital. Your recruiter will coach and prepare you for the hospital interview.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are speaking to the Hospital’s Recruiter.
(Yup, those recruiters are everywhere. Hospitals got ‘em too!)

Working with the Hospital Recruiter

It's also necessary to maintain that ‘level of specificity’ when dealing with the contract facility too. When a hospital recruiter contacts you to review your qualifications, be sure to ask questions in addition to answering them.

The hospital interview is a two-way street. There are certain questions that only the contract facility can answer for you. The hospital recruiter can provide the specifics about the practice setting, equipment, patient census and ratios, work breaks, uniforms, schedules and such.

Questions to Pose when Interviewing with the Contract Facility:

What kind of orientation does the hospital provide?
What is the unit’s type and size?
What is the nurse-to-patient ratio?
What shifts will I be expected to work — weekends or on-call?
Will there be a charge nurse on all shifts?
What kind of equipment is used in the unit?
Is charting done by computer or handwritten notes?
Will you be required to float to other units?
What resources are available?
Will you be expected to take charge, and what does that entail at that particular facility?

If you are entering the travel nurse profession to escape a less-than-desirable situation where you presently work, you KNOW what questions to ask! Probe the interviewer so you feel comfortable with the morale and with the work environment.

==================Nurses’ Lounge==========================

Keep in mind you are interviewing for a job. Please don’t INTERROGATE the poor soul conducting the interview! Ask questions in an interested and enthusiastic way, but don’t present yourself as someone who is hard to get along with. The hospital wants team players to assist with their staffing situation. Be politely inquisitive: inquiring minds want to know!

Recruiter Wrap-Up

A good recruiter will not only work hand-in-hand with you in selecting your assignment, but will be involved in each and every step of the entire process. And your relationship doesn’t end once you head out to your new assignment.

You can (or should) expect your recruiter to remain in touch throughout your contract period; checking in just to see how you’re doing and to provide a friendly voice in your new surroundings.


Say Hello to your new best friend!    (And now you have two.)

What, you forgot about me already?


In reality, there is a dedicated cast of people at the Travel Nurse Agency who plan, coordinate, and avail themselves to ensure your nursing assignment is a pleasant and rewarding experience. But without a doubt, the Recruiter is the ‘face’ of the company.

Your Travel Nurse Recruiter is your strongest advocate and she strives to make your travel dreams come true.

Here’s to a long and lasting friendship.      Cheers!