I Love Nurses!

Seriously, nurses by nature are compassionate, giving, and nurturing folks. How can you not love people like that!

Assisting nurses with your career aspirations is my little way of giving back for all you do. (After all, YOU may be taking care of me one of these days. I’d prefer to stay on your good side!)

I bet I know something else about you too. If you’re contemplating Travel Nursing, you’re not only a compassionate person; you’re a bit of an explorer too. I bet you have a taste for adventure and you’re open to trying new things.

And you’re obviously a bit Internet savvy too. After all, you did find this website all on your own now didn’t you!

You most likely have many interests outside of nursing too. Most compassionate folks do. Nurses I’ve spoken with have a hobby or a “passion” for:

• Writing
• Pets
• Blogging
• Cycling
• Cooking
• Health
• Self Improvement
• Religion
• Vacations

Well, all kinds of interesting things! It’s what makes you – YOU!

Your interests make life more enjoyable as you surely don’t work all the time. (Although as a nurse you might make a strong argument against that statement!)

Ol’ Mark here is a recruiter by trade, but not a Travel Nurse Recruiter. I don’t think a day would go by when I didn’t receive a request from a nurse who wanted to know more about Travel Nursing opportunities. But since traveling wasn’t my “gig”, there wasn’t much I could do for them…but an idea came to mind…

Long story short, (yeah Mark, like a recruiter can make anything short!), after numerous requests for Travel Nursing information, I did some research -- okay, LOTS of research! -- and that research ultimately lead me to building this here site -- GoTravelNursing.com .

Ta-da! My baby was born!

Putting this website together was a first for me. To be absolutely truthful, I didn’t know SQUAT about any of the stuff associated with building a website. Okay, maybe enough “HTML” to make a word BOLD. But that was about it.

Since I had conducted all this research on Travel Nursing Careers, I figured I might as well share it with the world. And a website about Travel Nursing was the most logical vehicle to get this information into the hands of the nurses who it could benefit the most. But I was still clueless on how to go about accomplishing this. (My wife would say I’m clueless about most things, but I digress…)

Making my short story even longer, I came across a complete website package that lovingly and very patiently took me by the hand and led me step-by-step all along the way, explaining in a manner I could easily understand. (Yes, even me.) It made what seemed like a very complicated goal extremely easy to do. (Seriously, there was no way with what I knew, and didn’t know, that I could have made this site public without a very easy, hand holding process.)

And Viola! You’re now reading these words on the very website I “created” all by myself! (Pause, wait for the applause to die down.)

The step-by-step tool I used to build GoTravelNursing.com is a complete web building, web hosting, web all-kinds-of-techno-stuff-I-don’t-understand-and-don’t have-to package called Site Build It! (SBI! for short)

So I’m thinking, “Mark, maybe nurses would like a means to share their passion with like-minded folks. You know, they just might have an idea for making some money on the Internet but don’t know where to start. Why not share with them that Site Build It! walks them through the steps to make their dream a reality.”

Really, that’s what I thought.

Here’s another thought: Maybe you (or your significant other) would like something to do while you’re out on your travel assignment. (Hint: Your website could be a business that’s TOTALLY portable. It goes anywhere with you - as long as you have internet access.)

Hey it’s a thought! If you’re traveling with a significant other, might as well have them doing something productive while you’re taking care of little ol’ me all laid up in the hospital!

So, do you have some website ideas swimming around in your brain? If not, here’s some ‘case studies’ of what others are doing to put their “passions” out there to share with the global community. Website Case Studies

It’s truly amazing that you’ll find anything and EVERYTHING on the web! From a guy whose site is all about kids’ birthday parties to a feller whose fascination is teaching others how to juggle! The internet is a massive collection of information on every imaginable subject. And there’s always room for one more.

And these aren’t just hobby sites, although they certainly can be. Many of the people that create their own sites are making some excellent money doing so. SBI! will show you a bunch of ways you can make your site profitable too. (Did you notice the Ads by Goooooogle right here on this site? Those little darlings generate some decent cash every day and make Marky one happy dude!)

There’s a whole bunch of folks (thousands) all over the planet who are creating websites and making them profitable thanks to help of SBI! (Hey money is good, just don’t love the stuff above all else -- but it sure opens doors for a lot of options for you! Heck, you might as well have some spending money so you can really enjoy all the gallivanting you’re doing during your travel career.)

IMPORTANT NOTE FROM MARK: SBI! is NOT a get rich quick scheme. If that’s what you want, sorry, SBI! is not for you. And as much as we’d all like to believe such a thing exists, alas, it does not. Deep down we all know that it requires some effort on our part to make money either on the net or elsewhere.

SBI! Is not an instant money-making machine although some people just don’t listen to me and they are making excellent incomes off their websites. Shame on them!

As you may be able to tell, this website building stuff is fascinating to me. And fun! I’ve built one for my physician recruiting business, Synergy Recruiting, and I’m working on a new site that has nothing to do with nursing or recruiting. (Yes, like you, I DO have other interests besides work!) And there will be other sites to follow; all built using the easy to follow SBI! package.

Why SBI? It simply works and I’ve been very happily using SBI! for several years now. I found them to be a company with impeccable integrity and a successful history of OVER delivering on everything you need to get up and running. And then some.

If you would like to explore this website idea but need a little more inspiration as to what the subject of your site might entail, spend a little time checking out this collection of sites. They might inspire you!

More Sample Websites

So there you go you compassionate, giving and nurturing person you. Why not give yourself a little gift of expression – and go GLOBAL with your idea! Solo Build It! is fun and it’s easy as stacking blocks. But if you’re still not sure, no worries, they even have a Risk-Free Guarantee.

It’s worth a look. And here’s a slide show with more details: SBI Quick Tour

See YOU on the Net!

P.S. Be sure you send me a note once you have your site up and running. I’d love to see it!